Provisional Programme

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Thursday 12th September
Friday 13th September
Poster List
Image Competition
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Welcome and Introduction
Session 1: New X-ray Technologies and Future Advances
Keynote talk: X-ray Tomography for the Life Sciences at Diamond Light Source
Liz Duke, Diamond Light Source
Getting around the source-detector blur; a flexible and efficient approach to high-resolution and multi-scale x-ray computed tomography
Charlotte Hagen, UCL
Sponsor talk: Accelerating in-situ research with dynamic micro-CT in the lab
Frederik Coppens, TESCAN
Synchrotron microtomography in palaeontology and archaeology, a bright future for the ESRF
Paul Tafforeau, ESRF
Sponsor talk:Advances in scatter correction
Alberto Astolfo, Nikon Metrology
Tea and Coffee, Exhibition, Posters and Image Competition
Session 2: Life Sciences I
Magnesium alloy screws: bone-screw interface deformation and strain distribution during tightening
Marta Pena-Fernandez, University of Portsmouth
In-situ XCT evaluation and digital volume correlation of porous Mg-based alloys for bone regeneration
Roxane Bonithon, University of Portsmouth
Micro-mechanical Evaluation of Regenerated Bone in Rat Femurs Using Digital Volume Correlation
Aikaterina Karali, University of Portsmouth
Lunch, Exhibition, Posters and Image Competition
Session 3: Materials Science
Keynote Talk: In-situ methods for characterization of damage processes in materials
Markus Sause, University of Augsburg
3D nano-scale imaging of faceted spiral formation in directionally solidified eutectics
Hrishikesh Bale, Zeiss Microscopy
Sponsor Talk:Non-destructive 3D imaging of building materials using X-ray microscopy
Zeiss Microscopy
Tea and Coffee, Exhibition, Posters and Image Competition
Session 4: Quantification I and Data
Keynote Talk: Measurements from Medical and Microfocus CT for Biomechanical Analysis
Alex Dickinson, University of Southampton
Semi-automated histogram-based image quality assessment with gaussian mixture models
Elaine Ho, University of Southampton
Arbitrarily large iterative tomographic reconstruction on multiple GPUs
Ander Biguri, University of Southampton
Keynote Talk: TBD
Serena Bonaretti
Sponsor Talk: Deep Learning Wizard for easy super resolution and automated image segmentation
Mike Marsh, ORS
Lightning Talks
Registration, Tea and Coffee
Session 5: Correlative Tomography and Complimentary Techniques
Keynote Talk: Multimodal tomographic imaging and correlative techniques

Lukas Helfen, Institute for Photon Science and Synchrotron Radiation, Karlsruhe Institute for Technology, Germany
Institute Laue Langevin, Grenoble, France
Mapping 3D Networks and cells in human lung tissue using micro-computed tomography and immunofluorescence

Matthew Lawson, University of Southampton
Sponsor Talk: Advanced image acquisition and analysis; combining HeliScan microCT and Avizo software
Pyka Grzegorz, Thermofisher Scientific
Using X-ray computed tomography to capture solute leaching patterns in agricultural planting system
Callum Scotson, University of Southampton
Tea and coffee, exhibition, posters and image competition
Session 6: Manufacturing and Industry
Keynote Talk: TBD
Tim Barden, Rolls Royce
Special Guest: X-ray tomography for advancement of laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing
Anton du Plessis, University of Stellenbosch
X-ray tomography evaluation of additive manufactured multi-material composite structures
Marco Curto,
University of Portsmouth
4D Nanonscale imaging of powder feedstock processing for additive manufacturing
Stephen Kelly, Zeiss
Lunch, exhibition, posters and image competition
Session 7: Life Sciences II
High resolution x-ray morphological investigation of nylon 6,6, electrospun assemblies reproducing the hierachical structure and mechanical performances of tendons and ligaments
Alberto Sensini, University of Portsmouth
Synchrotron x-ray phase contrast micro-computed tomography informs sampling method for early-stage colorectal cancer in a mouse model
Charalambos Rossides, University of Southampton
Morphological adaptations of the bush-cricket outer ear for sound propagation
Sarah Aldridge, University of Lincoln
Session 8: Quantification II
Natural laminates: fibre direction and layer thickness from synchrotron CT scans of feathers
Christian Laurent, University of Southampton
Physically based 3D grain entrainment force calculations from X-ray computed tomography scanned river bed sediment
Hal Voepel, University of Southampton
Applications of computed tomography tot the topological analysis of roots and voids in wetland sediment
Clementine Chirol, Queen Mary University London
Tea and coffee, exhibition, posters and image competition
Session 9: Cultural Heritage, Outreach and Public Engagement
Keynote Talk: Spinning coins and sliced wood: the application of CT scanning for heritage objects
Angela Middleton, Historic England
Synchrotron CT challenge: scanning Heterodontosaurus, 1 1.5m long dinosaur to investigate various anatomical features
Vincent Fernandez, Natural History Museum
Invited Talk: Stories from bones: integrating bioengingeering with archaeology using microCT
Sonia Zakrzewski, University of Southampton
Digitising dental education: from x-ray microtomography to 3D printing and virtual reality
Alexander Cresswell-Boyes, Queen Mary University London
Panel discussion, final remarks and ToScA 2020
Synchrotron micro-CT 3D evaluation of magnesium implant degredation kinetics
Emely Bortel, Xploraytion
Three-dimensional imaging of articular cartilage down to the cellular level using laboratory micro-computed tomography
Jeff Clark, Imperial College London
Multi-modal research imaging data management at University Hospital Southampton
Neil O'Brien, University Hospital Southampton
Study on inclusions causing clean steel defects
Akalya Raviraj, University of Warwick
Some advanced applications of Digital Volume Correlation
Kamel Madi, 3Dmagination
High throughput X-ray computed tomography following the ontogenetic stages of Menardella lineage foraminifera
Alex Searle-Barnes, University of Southampton
Multi-channel tomographic reconstruction and analysis with the CCPi Core Imaging Library
Martin Turner, University of Manchester
Changes in maternal bone mineral density and bone micro-architecture during pregnancy
Kate Ward, University of Southampton
A study of fractured aluminium bond wires via absorption and diffraction contrast tomography modes
Pearl Agyakwa, University of Nottingham
Microstructure of teeth after demineralisation using micro-tomography
Cyril Besnard, University of Oxford
Simulation of Nano-Fibres and 2D SEM an 3D XCT Image Processes
John P. Chiverton, University of Portsmouth
Micro to Macro: visualising volcanic ash in 3D
Elizabeth Evans, Swansea University
3D imaging and analysis of osteocyte networks using correlative X-ray computed tomography and electron microscopy
Patricia Goggin, University of Southampton
Organ specific shrinkage in iodine stained human fetuses
Y. Dawood, Amsterdam UMC
Corroborating micro CT and histological data to provide novel insight into the biological response to cochlear implantation at the electrode-tissue interface
Kate Hough, University of Southampton
Linking microstructures and performances of functional coatings and engineering materials through multiscale and correlative microscopy methods
Jebin Jestine, Swansea University
Evaluation of the morphological stability of a powdered drug in response to elevated temperature using time lapse in situ X-ray tomography
Alexander Kao, University of Portsmouth
Assessment of the synergistic antitumor potency of novel drug formulations by means of 3D X-ray histology
Orestis L. Katsamenis, University of Southampton
Some advanced applications of Digital Volume Correlation
Kamel Madi, 3Dmagination
What lies beneath: 3D vs 2D correlative imaging challenges and how to overcome them
Ria L. Mitchell, Swansea University
High resolution x-ray tomography workflows to investigate vitreous enameled steel plate full field morphology
Alberto Sensini, University of Bologna
Optimisation of tissue preparation for kidneys in micro-computed tomography
Ian Simcock, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Bioinspired aircraft structural design from x-ray micro-ct and finite element analysis of the great white pelican pelecanus onocrotalus
Nicola Thomas, Swansea University
Multi-channel tomographic reconstruction and analysis with the CCPi Core Imaging Library
Evelina Ametova, University of Manchester
Changes in maternal volumetric bone mineral density (vBMD) and bone microarchitecture at the distal tibia and radius during pregnancy
M. O Breasail, Medical Research Council Nutrition and Bone Health Group
Identifying internal changes in teeth in response to external challenges using X-ray microtomography
Yousaf Jamil, Queen Mary University of London