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This will be the 12th annual Tomography for Scientific Advancement (ToScA) symposium. Along with a broad, multidisciplinary range of applications, this year’s conference will include themes in biological (hard and soft) tissue imaging, understanding materials in 3D and recent advances in hardware and software tools.

The symposium will take place on Wednesday 1 September and Thursday 2 September 10.00-15.45 BST, with the workshops on Friday 3 September 2021 running 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm BST.

This international symposium will consist of keynote speakers, talks and poster presentations from both academia and industry, and an image competition. The symposium is designed to foster open discussion, networking, and collaborative opportunities between domains of expertise in academia, commercial users, and software and hardware providers.

Breakout rooms
Part of the conference programme will include a "breakout rooms" section where attendees will have an opportunity to discuss particular CT topics. We will restrict room sizes to enable the most discussion, repeating them where appropriate. If you have other room suggestions let us know. There is a "none" option if you don't want to participate. We have two different discussion points:

"I wish CT could..." - Are there particular types of scans you wish you could perform? What is the most critical future development to advance your research? Bringing together users, programmers and industry we will together identify future needs, and also try to solve your complex scanning requirements.

Setting up a good CT scan - No judgement here! Whether you are a new student/staff member just getting going with CT, or a seasoned pro we could all benefit from the experience of others in how to set up a scan. How do I select my kV? What is spot size and why should I care? How should I tackle a high-aspect ratio object? There are no question too simple - this is your chance to engage with others in your field!
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Symposium Chair

Dr Farah Ahmed

Exponent International
Farah received a BSc in Biomaterials Engineering and a PhD in Biophysics from Queen Mary University of London. Farah studied the three-dimensional structure of pathological bone using Micro-CT during her time as a PhD researcher. Following a short research position at the school of Medicine and Dentistry at QMUL, she managed the X-ray CT facility at the Natural History Museum in London, working on over 100 CT related projects a year across all science disciplines.

Currently she works as an engineering consultant at Exponent, utilising her extensive experience in fracture mechanics, multi-scale failure, and material selection, with a focus on biomaterials, implant design, and interfaces within joint implants..

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Access details will be sent out on Friday 27th August.