Prize Winners

Each year we award a number of prizes to help encourage the very best science at ToScA. Below are the results from ToScA 2018 UK. Could the next one be you?

Poster Prize

1st prize winner 'Walking towards rapid phenotyping: A semiautomated workflow for the multimodal quantification, visualization, and statistical comparison of osteological variation using high resolution-CT data of the human calcaneus' Nick Stephens, Penn State University
Runner up 'How does Orcaella brevirostris bony labyrinth morphology compare to other odontocetes (Cetacea: Odontoceti) and what are the implications for the evolution of high-frequency hearing in whales?' Eve Preucil, Pitzer College

Image Competition

Michala Stock, High Point University
Zachary Randall, Florida Museum of Natural History

Best Lightning Talk

Neil Kelley, Vanderbilt University.

Student Bursary Awards

Three Student Bursaries were awarded to the following:

  • Adam Fitch , University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Supuni Silva , University of North Texas
  • Andrew Shum , Tufts University