Provisional Program

7:45-8:45 Registration/Continental Breakfast
8:45-9:00 Opening Remarks: Jessie Maisano, ToScA North America Chair; Farah Ahmed, ToScA President

SESSION 1: Geological Science (Romy Hanna, Session Chair)
9:00-9:15 Arun Bhattacharjee Correlative Micro-nano X-ray Tomography with Scanning Electron Microscopy at the Advanced Light Source
9:15-9:30 John Bescup Hydrothermal Sea Vent CT Imaging and Fluid Flow Simulation
9:30-9:45 Richard Ketcham Novel and Efficient Characterization of Crystal Populations for Petrology and Geochronology
9:45-10:00 Joseph Baptista Removing CT Artifacts and Overcoming Usual Image Processing Bottlenecks Using IPSDK Features (Reactiv’IP Gold Sponsor)

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break

SESSION 2: Planetary Science (Richard Ketcham, Session Chair)
10:30-11:00 ROMY HANNA 3D Submicron Porosity in Meteorites: A Noble (gas) Pursuit or a Fool’s Errand? (Keynote)
11:00-11:15 Ryan Zeigler Using X-ray Computed Tomography as an Integral Part of the Preliminary Examination of Unopened Apollo Drive Tube Samples 73001 and 73002
11:15-11:30 Scott Eckley Magmatic Processes on Mars Inferred from Pyroxene Crystal Fabrics in Shergottite Meteorites

11:30-12:15 Lightning Talks

12:15-1:15 Lunch and Trade Exhibition

SESSION 3: Enhancing Contrast (Paul Gignac, Session Chair)
1:15-1:30 Keith Duncan In situ 3D Visualization and Segmentation of Roots and Associated Mycorrhizal Fungal Structures using Lab-based X-ray Microscopy
1:30-1:45 Jaimi Gray The Diffusion Diaries: Findings, Predictions, and Best Practices for Diffusible Iodine-based Contrast-enhanced Computed Tomography (diceCT) of Vertebrates in Natural History Collections
1:45-2:00 Vincent Fernandez A Year of Synchrotron X-ray Micro-computed Tomography on the New BM18 Beamline at the ESRF

SESSION 4: Biological/Paleontological Science I (Matt Colbert, Session Chair)
2:00-2:15 Clara Lebow Finding the Root; X-ray Tomography and Segmentation of In situ Maize Roots
2:15-2:30 Edwin Dickinson Shape, Size, and Sound: Ecomorphology of the Inner and Middle Ear of Bats
2:30-2:45 Thomas Dudgeon Ontogenetic Changes in Feeding Mechanics in Corythosaurus casuarius (Ornithopoda: Hadrosauridae) Elucidated using Finite Element Analysis
2:45-3:00 Franklin Duffy Fossils in Focus: Assessing the Versatility of AI-assisted Segmentation across Multiple Fossil Types

3:00-3:30 Coffee Break

SESSION 5: Biological/Paleontological Science II (Farah Ahmed, Session Chair)
3:30-4:00 Mike Marsh Use of Color in 2D and 3D Scientific Renderings (ORS Platinum Sponsor)
4:00-4:15 Stuart Stock Microstructure Quantification of Shark Vertebral Mineralized Cartilage
4:15-4:30 Ruben Tovar Deep Homology in Early Eye Development across Divergent, Adaptive Morphologies of Eurycea Salamander Species
4:30-5:00 JAMIE KNAUB Thanks for the Support: Quantifying Vertebral Morphology Variation in Marine Megafauna (Jim Elliott Award)

5:00-6:15 Drinks & Posters
6:15 Board buses to Banquet Cruise
7:00-10:00 Banquet Cruise

8:00-8:45 Continental Breakfast
8:45-9:00 Presentation of Lightning Talk/Student Poster/Travel awards

SESSION 6: Deep Learning/AI/Reconstruction (Stuart Stock, Session Chair)
9:00-9:30 GE WANG AI for X-ray CT (Keynote)
9:30-9:45 Alexander Hall Efficient and Interactive 3D Time Series Tomography Visualization (Thermo Fisher Scientific Gold Sponsor)
9:45-10:00 Aleksandra Ratkiewicz Multi-method Analysis for the 3D Quantification of Muscle Fascicle Architecture
10:00-10:15 Jay Warnett Should I Care about Iterative Reconstruction?
10:15-10:45 Will Harris Advanced Reconstruction Methods to Improve the Analytical and Quantifiable Information from High-Resolution 3D X-ray Data (Zeiss Platinum Sponsor)
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break

SESSION 7: Data (Ed Stanley, Session Chair)
11:15-11:45 PAUL GIGNAC The Non-Clinical Tomography Users Research Network (NoCTURN): One Community's Vision for the Future of Data Accessibility (Keynote)
11:45-12:00 Francesco De Carlo Automatic Handling of Data and Meta-data at the Imaging Group Tomographic Instruments of the Advanced Photon Source
12:00-12:15 Marcus Hanwell User Interfaces and Prompt Feedback for Synchrotron Tomography Beamlines
12:15-12:30 Andrew Ramsey Improving the Quality of CT Data (Nikon Gold Sponsor)

12:30-1:30 Lunch and Trade Exhibition

SESSION 8: Biomedical Science (Leigha Lynch, Session Chair)
1:30-1:45 Sarah Boyer Semantic Segmentation of Caries Lesions in Rat Molar Enamel
1:45-2:00 Devora Gleiber Investigating Variation in Trabecular and Cortical Bone Structure due to Mobility Impairment: A Natural Experiment in Reduced Loading
2:00-2:15 Derk Joester Large scale Comparison of Mineralized Tissues in Wildtype and Mutant Mouse Jaws: From Semantic Segmentation to Extraction of Metrics
2:15-2:30 Jordan Wilson Early Postnatal Cranial Dysmorphology in FGFR3-related Carniosynostosis Mice
2:30-2:45 Susan Motch Perrine Dysmorphology of the Lower Jaw, Tongue, Palate and Head in the Prdm16-/- Mouse Model of Pierre Robin Complex
2:45-3:00 Markus Hannula X-ray Microtomography of Small Intestine Biopsies
3:00-3:15 Michael Morehead syGlass: Visualization, Annotation, and Communication of Very Large Image Volumes in Virtual Reality (syGlass Gold Sponsor)

3:15-3:45 Coffee Break

3:45-4:00 Silver Sponsors Tescan, Volume Graphics

Session 9: Materials Science (Jay Warnett, Session Chair)
4:00-4:30 AMANDA KRAUSE 4D Microstructure Evolution with X-ray Diffraction Microscopy: Quantifying Uncertainties of Interface Motion in Polycrystals (Keynote)
4:30-4:45 Anton Du Plessis Revolutionizing CT-based Porosity Analysis in Additive Manufacturing using a Generic Deep Learning Model
4:45-5:00 Samantha Bernstein Using Synchrotron Hard X-ray Micro-tomography to Analyze Virgin and Char Thermal Protection System Materials
5:00-5:30 HERNAN SANCHEZ CT Scanning as an Invaluable Tool in Battery Failure Analysis and Quality Assessments (Keynote)

5:30 Final Remarks