This will be the 16th annual Tomography for Scientific Advancement (ToScA) symposium. Along with a broad, multidisciplinary range of applications, this year’s conference will include themes in biological (hard and soft) tissue imaging, understanding materials in 3D and recent advances in hardware and software tools.

Workshops will be taking place on Monday 9th September and the Symposium on Tuesday 10th September and Wednesday 11th September.

This international symposium will consist of keynote speakers, talks and poster presentations from both academia and industry, and an image competition. The symposium is designed to foster open discussion, networking, and collaborative opportunities between domains of expertise in academia, commercial users, and software and hardware providers.
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Symposium Chair

Dr Paul Bills

University of Huddersfield
Paul is currently Reader in Bio-Metrology within the School of Computing and Engineering at the University of Huddersfield and is a key member and co-investigator in the EPSRC Future Metrology Hub with responsibility as research lead in the area of metrology for medical and biological applications as Director of the Centre for Bio-Interface Engineering. This remit bridges aspects of implant technology such as patient-specific additively manufactured implants, development of bioresorbable structures, to characterisation of bio-active films and biological structures. Paul was also a key member of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Advanced Metrology from 2011-2017, a role in which he developed a reputation as a world-renowned expert on the subject of the performance and failure analysis of medical devices as well as wear characterisation more generally.
As an aside, Paul also has an interest in research associated with historic and contemporary arms and armour leading research at Huddersfield in this area.