Member Benefits

While signing up for the conference you can in addition opt to include ToScA membership for the full year. This will enable you to enjoy some exclusive benefits including free workshop, applying for various funding and displaying your research. See details on each below

Attend workshops free

At each conference there are a variety of workshops on offer. Regularly this will include various software for image analysis, but often the host institution will offer their own flavour. Previous examples include 3D printing, biological mounting techniques and laser scanning. On sign up you can pay £60 for these workshops, or for £75 you can get membership that will be inclusive of workshops with other benefits. Students receive a discounted rate of £50 for membership, still inclusive of all benefits including the workshops!

Submit Resources

ToScA aims to be a central resource for the X-ray CT community, and in that vein we want to give visibility to the work our members produce. With ToScA, you are able to submit papers for listing on our resources page. These will then be easily searchable by anyone who visits our website – not just members.

Apply for the Jim Elliot Award

The Jim Elliott Bursary will provide up to £2,500 towards the cost of visiting a tomography facility for the purpose of scientific advancement. Costs may include travel, accommodation and sustenance as well as consumables, but not “beam-time” or staff time. The applicant must make arrangements with the host organization to provide what facilities and assistance are required and is expected to work with them in a collaborative manner in their research.

Travel Award

We understand that student and researchers have limited funding and may struggle to attend conferences. To try and help with this, we offer several £500 travel awards each year to our members decided on a short application.