Welcome to the 16th annual Tomography for Scientific Advancement (ToScA) symposium. This symposium will showcase the latest advances in tomography applied to a wide range of subjects, including biological imaging, manufacturing, materials science, and cultural heritage. It will comprise invited keynote and contributed talks, as well as poster presentations and an image competition. There will also be a range of workshops available to delegates. The symposium will provide a forum for discussions between academic researchers and industry, which we hope will help initiate new collaborations.

The symposium will be taking place on Monday 9th September and Tuesday 10th September, with workshops being hosted on Wednesday 11th September.
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Dr Imran Rahman

Natural History Museum
Dr Imran Rahman is a Principal Researcher at the Natural History Museum, London. He is a palaeontologist interested in the origin and early evolution of animals, which dates back over half a billion years to the so-called Cambrian ‘explosion’. His research involves studying the three-dimensional and internal structure of exceptionally-preserved fossils using a range of tomographic techniques, including lab-based X-ray micro-tomography, synchrotron tomography and neutron tomography. He is also interested in correlative approaches combining different imaging methods and the application of AI to image segmentation. He currently leads the ‘Phenomics and Advanced Analysis’ research theme at the Natural History Museum, which is focused on the development and application of new tools for imaging and analysis of natural history specimens.

Local Organising Committee

Natural History Museum & Geological Society of London
Dr Natasha Stephen (GSL)
Dr Tom Harvey (GSL)
Dr Agnese Lanzetti (NHM)
Brett Clark (NHM)
Dr Emma Bird (NHM)
Harry Savage (NHM)
James McDermott (NHM)
Zhengyuan Chen (NHM)