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Following on from the success of the 2018 symposium at the University of Warwick, we are delighted to announce that the 7th edition of the ToScA UK and Europe Symposium is to be held at the University of Southampton. We will once again provide an opportunity for open discussions, networking with researchers and commercial industry representatives, and a platform to engage in collaborations.
University of Southampton UK
Wednesday to Friday, 11 - 13 September 2019
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Event Speakers

Dr Liz Duke Diamond Light Source
Angela Middleton Historic England
Dr Tim Barden Rolls Royce
Dr Alex Dickinson University of Southampton
Dr Sonia Zakrzewski University of Southampton
Prof Anton du Plessis Stellenbosch University
Prof Markus Sause University of Augsburg


At each conference there are a variety of workshops on offer. Regularly this will include various software for image analysis, but often the host institution will offer their own flavour. Previous examples include 3D printing, biological mounting techniques and laser scanning. On sign up you can pay £75 for these workshops or for £80 you can get membership that will be inclusive of workshops with other benefits This year the currently confirmed workshops are VG Studio MAX, Avizo, and ORS Dragonfly.
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Confirmed Workshops

Amira-Avizo Software - HeliScan micro CT Workflow (Morning)
12 places left

Dragonfly ORS (Morning)
9 places left

Digisens (Morning)
13 places left

Host Workshop - Correlative Imaging (Morning)
5 places left

Amira-Avizo Software - Automation of Analysis Workflows (Afternoon)
11 places left

Dragonfly ORS (Afternoon)
13 places left

Digisens (Afternoon)
15 places left

Host Workshop - Correlative Imaging (Afternoon)
0 places left

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The event could not happen without our generous sponsors. All of them provide services around X-ray CT - click to find out more about them!

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