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Following on from the success of the 2019 symposium at the University of Florida, we are delighted to announce that the 11th edition of the ToScA Symposium is to be held virtually. We will once again provide an opportunity for open discussions, networking with researchers and commercial industry representatives, and a platform to engage in collaborations.
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Monday to Wednesday, 24 - 26 May 2021
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Event Speakers

Erika Blumenfeld Transdisciplinary Artist, Jacobs JETS contract at ARES, NASA, USA
Dr Casey Holliday University of Missouri, USA
Dr Dorthe Wildenschild Oregon State University, USA
Dr Atsushi Momose Tohoku University, Japan
Dr Hannah Wood National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian), USA


On-line workshops will be offered by Symposium sponsors (TBD) on May 26, 2021. Watch this space for more information.
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Confirmed Workshops

Morning: 3D Slicer/SlicerMorph: A Complete Solution for All Things Digital Morphology
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Afternoon: SlicerMorph: Tools for Conducting 3D Geometric Morphometrics and Quantitative Morphology in Slicer
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Morning: Blob3D and Quant3D: Measurement of Discrete Objects and Diffuse Fabrics in XCT Data
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Afternoon: Blob3D and Quant3D: Measurement of Discrete Objects and Diffuse Fabrics in XCT Data
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Morning: Dragonfly: Image Processing Traceability and Automation
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Afternoon: Dragonfly: Segmentation Wizard
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Our sponsors

The event could not happen without our generous sponsors. All of them provide services around X-ray CT - click to find out more about them!

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